How we can help you

Arc North’s and Gordie Beittenmiller’s broad experience in AEC investment, operations, finance and acquisitions can contribute to your ability to navigate most AEC transition-related challenges. Mr. Beittenmiller has operating experience in both public and private environments, growth as well as turnaround, union and non-union, domestic and international, and scores of both acquisition and divestiture situations.


Arc North is particularly interested in helping AEC firms with growth. This can be both exciting and risky for project companies. An active economy offers a lot of opportunity to take your company to the next level. Arc North and Beittenmiller can help you find the capital to do so. AEC firms present unique challenges to the capital markets involving what many see as cyclicality, project variability, key person risk and surety. Our extensive relationships and expertise in these markets enable us to represent these issues effectively and find traction where others can’t.


We have operated in all kinds of AEC environments, from aggressive expansion to fully defensive conditions with organizations at risk. Strong growth opportunities, labor and material shortages, imbalanced project books, increasing service versus construction mix, incentive alignment, cash flow pressure, seriously derailed jobs, surety limitations, to name a few. We can provide another set of eyes on these challenges for you, and a pair of experienced hands to find good paths forward.

Ownership Transition

This is a perennial challenge for most firms, AEC included. Arc North can advise on the myriad considerations that accompany this challenge. We can help find both strategic buyers as well as private investors. We are particularly interested in situations where we can help legacy owners realize their liquidity needs while we become partners with you as part of a new ownership structure.

How We Do All This

Arc North is oriented primarily toward teaming with AEC firms seeking growth or ownership transition capital. We support and invest in strong AEC organizations as they take their next step forward. We find the capital to catalyze this step and put our time and money to work toward its success. We aim for companies with between $1 million and $20 million of EBITDA in the AEC space as the sweet spot for our ability to add value. We also stand fully ready to help AECs with more challenging operational or transition issues. This we do on a discrete engagement basis. Whether growth, acquisition, sale, or internal consultation, Arc North can give you unalloyed advice and help you achieve your goals.